Expert Views on Industrial Transformation

Media Project

Media project “Expert Views on Industrial transformation” provides an open platform for discussing ongoing structural changes and presenting the views on industrial transformation for the next 10 to 20 years.

Unlike the previous stages, the industrial transformation taking place before our eyes affects almost all areas of production, changing its structure and vectors of development.

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies, even small companies can compete with world leaders. To take advantage of the dividends offered by new technologies, a coordinated approach is needed for the step-by-step modernisation of operations, focused on rethinking the production processes of a plant, factory, mine, and other business assets.

Managers, in addition to solving current production problems, ought to systematically develop a system of competencies to ensure stability, competitiveness, and the future of the business.

Call on Experts

Experts are cordially invited to share insights into how the industry is changing and what opportunities are emerging with the advent of new technologies and changing market conditions. Please submit your articles, reviews, and topics for discussion online and at the MINEX Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan, MINEX Russia Forum, and Smart Industry conference in Moscow.

Video Materials

Blockchain for Mining – Part 1

Blockchain is a revolutionary modern digital asset management technology. Blockchain is a distributed database, its fundamentals: coding (hashing) of data and transactions and a network of peers. Blockchain platforms are open and private. Creation of digital assets.

Blockchain for Mining – Part 2

Blockchain in the mining industry: digitizing diamonds (De Beers, Alrosa), gold, aluminium and steel. Blockchain in the supply chain for cobalt, gold, tin, nickel, mica. Blockchain for settlements for the supply of iron ore concentrate by BHP, Norilsk Nickel’s experience in digitalization and tokenization of metals.

Blockchain for Mining – Part 3

Tokenization of metals to attract new investors, to facilitate obtaining permits – Norilsk Nickel. Using blockchain to track environmental and health metrics (Rio Tinto). Blockchain perspectives for exploration and production license management, for transportation logistics, for data management in prospecting operations.