Session 7


Session 7

09:00 – 10:00 / 2 June 2022   BACKYARD

A Practical Perspective on Digital Competency Development and Digital Maturity


Digital transformation in Russia is accelerating and by the end of 2023 is expected to affect 40% of the Russian economy. Currently, most companies in Russia are focusing on effective implementation of digital initiatives and enhancing interconnectivity within supply chains and improving operational performance. An industrial enterprise is becoming digitally mature when it has managed to transfer critical operations to the digital environment and changed the nature of production. Traditionally, B2C industries have shown a higher level of digital maturity due to the faster adaptation of technologies in a competitive consumer market. However, the problem of digitalisation for the vast majority of B2B sectors presents systemic challenges associated with the need for large investments in the modernisation of production and supporting infrastructure. Besides financial and regulatory considerations, the main barrier to digitalisation remains the denial of the need for change within the companies and their corporate culture.

Discussion themes:

• What experience of B2C leaders in the transition from analog to digital technologies can be applied to companies in B2B segments?
• How does digital transformation contribute to changing business models?
• How can the digitalisation increase value of a business?
• How will 5G change the way companies make decisions, manufacture products, and maintain factories?
• Successful examples of the implementation of import-substitute digital solutions in various sectors of the economy.
• Prospects for the development of the Russian software market for domestic 4.0 generation equipment.