Session 8


Session 8

10:30 – 11:30 / 2 June 2022   BACKYARD

Technological leadership as a factor of sustainable development


Technological leadership is an important tool that supports sustainable development and creates new business opportunities. Technological leadership also contributes to the expansion of sales markets and strengthening the company’s standing. The volume of investments in technological modernisation is growing and is expected to accelerate with climate change action. The energy transition will determine the distribution of capital; every industry and every company will feel it. The effectiveness of decarbonization actions will determine the long-term value of companies, and the next unicorns will be start-ups that move closer to a carbon-neutral world.

Discussion themes:

• The Top 6 Techno Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations in 2022.
• Technological leadership as a tool for strengthening reputation and entering new markets.
• How are technological breakthroughs being used to meet the challenges of sustainable development of enterprises, industries, and society?
• Examples of digitalisation as a factor of sustainable development.
• Transfer of technological competencies of the leaders to support the transformation of supply chains and development of small and medium-sized businesses.
• Digitalisation of H&S management and labour productivity.
• Is the digitalisation of the social needs profitable for business, and who should pay for it?