Analytical magazine «Oil and Gas Vertical»

National industry-specific magazine "Oil and Gas Vertical" has been published for over 20 years and holds a leading position in the segment of oil and gas media in Russia.
The magazine is aimed at specialists and managers of fuel and energy sector enterprises, politicians and representatives of the authorities with professional interest in the issues of fuel and energy complex. The magazine is working closely with the Ministry of Energy of Russia.
The content is centred around the search for optimal solutions in development of the country's oil and gas complex, with the focus on professional discussions, discovery and extension of best practices, evolvement of international collaboration in the oil and gas sector.

Russia, 123317 Moscow, Presnenskaja naberezhnaja 10, fl. 47.
The complex "Naberezhnaya Tower", block C, fl. 47
Tel.: +7 495 637 8333

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