RZD-Partner is the leading business magazine on transport in Russia.

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the RZD-Partner project.

The editorial product line includes projects:

RZD-Partner magazine in Russian.
Magazine “RZD-Partner. Documents" in Russian.
The RZD-Partner International magazine in English.
The RZD-Partner International China magazine in Chinese.
Magazine "SMART-Partner Industry" https://www.myspi.ru/
Information agency RZD-Partner.Ru - http://www.rzd-partner.ru/

Railway service quality index

Contact Information:

Moscow office: +7(495) 954-54-41

Advertising Department: +7 (812) 418-34-90; reclama@rzd-partner.ru

Subscription department: +7 (812) 418-34-99 rasp@rzd-partner.ru